Spanish Summer Sangria Secrets

The famous Spanish summertime drink and maybe some things you did not know


This popular Spanish alcoholic drink is iconic in Spain and around the world. In the summer, it is important to refresh from the heat and a nice Spanish sangria certainly helps.

Sangria dates back to the 1700s or 1800s. Peasants in southern Spain originated it, according to historians. To prevent leftover fruit from spoiling, they made it into an alcoholic drink. This concept led to the creation of Spanish sangria, which is now sold in some countries as a sweet wine.

You don't need specialist equipment or to be a cocktail master to create it at home.

  1. In a big bowl, combine wine, brandy, and sugar for traditional Spanish sangria. Stir well until the sugar melts.

  1. Add lemon and orange wedges. Add cubed pear, apple, and peach. Add cinnamon.

  1. Stir again so the sangria's flavors blend. Try to use all the fruits in this sweet sangria recipe.

  1. Add soda and mix briefly. Then, refrigerate the jug a few hours so that the liquors and  fruit can blend

  1. After that, serve on ice and with the fruit from the jar or add new fruit.

Sangria may be made with hundreds of different ingredients, unlike other Spanish cocktails. Some drinks don't allow this, but sangria does. Dry red wine is best for sangria, but you can also use white wine or sherry. You can use any fruit you like: citrus, watermelon, strawberry, grapefruit, etc.

Tinto de Verano is another great summer drink made with red wine and lemon soda. Kalimotxo which is pronounced (Call-ee-mo-cho). This unique beverage, more popular in the North of Spain is equal amounts of dry red wine and coke.

Sangria can be served with a snack or meal. The original Spanish sangria is frequently served as an appetizer. However, you choose to enjoy it, you can serve it with Paella for a truly Spanish meal.