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Discover all you need to know about the socarrat, the essential element of paella. From what it is, why it's important and how to create a succesful one, master this keystone of Mediterranean cuisine with Gastronomic Arts Barcelona


Rice is a basic ingredient in many Mediterranean dishes, especially in paella. However, there is an element in paella that makes it unique and different from other rice dishes: the socarrat or torraet. This term refers to the crispy and golden layer that forms on the bottom of the paella pan where the rice and the pan touch.

It is not a mistake or a cooking failure, but an essential element for the quality of a good paella. The formation of socarrat depends on several factors, such as the variety of rice, the number of fats and sugars in the ingredients, and the cooking technique. Fats and sugars caramelize during cooking thanks to the heat, creating a unique flavor and texture.

However, it is important to be careful with the number of fats used in cooking. An excess of fat can lead to heavy and fried paella, which will be practically inedible. Therefore, it is important to have a firm hand in the kitchen to achieve the perfect balance between the ingredients and to obtain a quality socarrat.

Here are the most important factors for achieving a good crispy socarrat:

  • The fats and sugars that are deposited on the bottom during cooking provide that thin crispy and toasted layer.
  • The fire should be even and regular.
  • It is important that to achieve the characteristic crunch, there is no liquid and the sofrito is dehydrated.
  • Do not move the rice once the broth is poured or you will break the flavor.

There is no greater demonstration of mastery than achieving a rice dish with the perfect socarrat layer. Do you want to be an expert in creating an authentic socarrat? Join our paella class and you will learn all the tricks and secrets to achieve a perfect crispy layer in every rice dish you prepare. Don't miss the opportunity to improve your culinary skills! 

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